Ontario and BC Direct Sales, Marketing & Advertising Services

At Royal Legacy Marketing, we believe an impressive product story is what grabs consumers’ attention. To ensure it’s effective, we customize our strategy for each of our clients. We start by carrying extensive background research to identify the customer base. Then, we transform this knowledge into intriguing promotions which form connections that last. We also collect real-time feedback during the promotional event to continually optimize each campaign for maximum results.

At Royal Legacy Marketing, our campaigns are known for their active customer conversion rates. We use the latest direct marketing techniques with the clients we serve. It enables us to adapt to market demands and respond more effectively. We are prompt and leave a long-lasting impression. Daily, we engage with more than 1,000 people. Our 12-day campaigns allow us to engage with at least 20,000 buyers. With these numbers, we’re optimistic about exceeding clients’ goals.

There are many reasons why our solutions are some of the best in the market. The following are a few ways through which we meet our goals:

  • Customer Acquisition


    At Royal Legacy Marketing, our specialists are masters at transforming futuristic ideas into vibrant promotions that build brand legacies. Without our teams’ efforts and hard work, it’s tough for us to sustain in the marketing industry. Our marketing associates are well trained to represent our clients professionally and impact their areas that need attention and generate new and compelling campaigns towards our clients’ customer acquisition needs. They’re experts in the kind of event-based marketing that brings products right to the people who are most likely to buy.

  • Promoting Businesses Through Attention-Grabbing Event


    Once we know the clients’ business, goals, and objectives, we can form the plan. Through researching clients’ brands, their opponents, the marketplace, and their target audience, we’ll create an individual and tailored strategy. We identify the best means to showcase the brands. Our talented teams always create a new marketing strategy to attract potential audiences. Our services also include product-targeted messaging and public relations goals. We have the skill and resources to custom design a solution that will deliver sustainable growth.

  • Local Presence Connections


    We hire local talent. Besides possessing knowledge of the culture and language, these local associates come with a fruitful understanding of the area’s market. They know how to communicate and explain the product to the clients’ customers efficiently and deliver a superior experience. Apart from that, Royal Legacy Marketing has associates nationally who enable us to position brands strategically. With these connections and expertise, we help our clients to reach a wider audience and gain traction.